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ADVAN NEOVA AD09 Detail & Size chart
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Wet (In-SIDE)
  1. Wide circumferential grooves ensure water dispersion
  2. arrangement is effective for water dispersion rounded groove 
  3. Ensure further water dispersion with long lugs that cut across the circumferential grooves
  1. Narrow circumferential grooves placed close to the inner side ensure as much ground contact as possible

  2. Ensure tread rigidity with continuous ribs

  3. Disperse the lateral force and suppress the wear of the rib angle with rounded circumferential grooves

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Strong Grip Performance

Contact Shape with road surface

Improve dry performance and steering stability at high speed.


Premium design with
YOKOHAMA crafting

IA special tooling process in the moles combined with the YOKOHAMA group's unique expertise has led to the development of stylish dark design.

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