ADVAN Sport V107

Nothing Compromised

Fuel Saving
  • Handles precisely as intended
  • Driving stability at very high speeds
  • Strong grip performance in the dry and the wet
  • A quiet and comfortable ride
  • Excellent WET performance

The new structure incorporates the proprietary power crown belt cover

1.High-rigidity steel belts

  • Steel belts prevent the carcass from turning up at high speeds and improve stability

2.Matrix body ply

  • Offers improved circumferential rigidity for optimum steering stability

3.Power crown belt cover

  • Highly rigid aramid fiber is used for the first time in a Yokohama replacement tire. Improves steering stability on dry surfaces

4.Rayon body ply

  • The high-spec rayon within the tire body meets the demands of European car manufacturers for OEM tires

Asymmetric tread pattern, rules in high-speed performance

1.Higher performance on wet surfaces

  • Wide-straight grooves enhance drainage and prevent hydroplaning at high speeds

2.Higher performance on dry surfaces

  • Wide, high-rigidity shoulders for improved pattern rigidity and expanded road contact patch, enhancing performance on dry surfaces

Matrix body ply structure enhances steering stability

Rigidity is improved in the circumferential direction through a dual structure that crosses over from the sidewall to the shoulder.
It contributes to excellent performance in dry conditions, without sacrificing comfort.


High-rigidity rayon carcass
Minimizes deformation and improves maneuverability.

Improved mound profile ensures high-speed stability

The cross-sectional shape of the tread is optimized to keep ground contact pressure proportionate.